Ingrid Boucher  Sculpture

The timeless human form and my local landscape are my constant inspirations. Employing harmony, balance, simplicity, purity, shape and line, I try to recreate the beauty that inspires my work. With every piece or portrait, I strive to capture an impression, expression or emotion, the essence of what makes each of us unique and yet connects us all.

Recent experimentation has led to more abstract pieces, casting plaster into the irregular, spontaneous tracks created by working my hands through clay. The resulting forms are reminiscent of the chalk rock-pools of the Sussex coast.

I'm drawn by juxtaposing smooth surfaces against haphazard shapes. I contrast the calm, contained, smooth heads with the jagged, unpredictable forms - like the smooth interior of an oyster shell and its opposing, encrusted exterior, or sea-worn pebbles and coral spikes.

BA Hons Fine Art, University of East London